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What We Delivered

Since 2004, Fancensus has been providing in-depth business and communication analytics, to video games and movie companies, globally. In 2017 they launched Fusion, a pioneering, bespoke software which is not reliant on keywords and with an intuitive UI. It provides a real-time, seamless, fully customisable monitoring platform that gives their clients the competitive edge in minutes.

As well established suppliers to the games industry, we were on Fancensus’ radar when they were looking for an agency to create a new brand and design, develop and launch a new website. We partnered, as usual, with Guardian Angel PC Support with An.X covering design and Guardian Angel managing the development and technical side.

The brand design they had been using had served them well but needed a refresh. Part of the brief was a focus on emphasising their video games expertise and specialism. We researched a variety of games specific colour palettes as well as various games and game publisher logos in order to to create a new logo that would sit well alongside their client base’s own branding.

Having been established for many years with a frequently updated website, there was a specific need within this brief to port across a large number of newsletters, PDF journals and blogs from their old site. So, we needed to carefully consider this range of materials when designing the layout of the new Blog and News sections.

The new website design uses angles and bright colour palette to create a sense of energy and movement as well as incorporating hand drawn video game icons that float across various pages.


An.x have been extremely patient with us, we were a little unsure of exactly what we wanted but they persevered and in the end delivered a new corporate logo, branding and website that suits us perfectly.
Martine Saunders
Projects & Operations Manager

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