Logos: Size doesn’t matter

24th March 2016

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Logos: Size doesn’t matter

How well does your company logo stand up? Does size matter when it comes to logo design?


Here is a really good test you can do as a business is to strip your logo right back, be it to the graphics or just the words, then take out all the colour as well. Would it still be recognisable? Will your customers and potentials know it’s still you?


Here at An.X we are asked this question quite regularly “Does size matter when it comes to logo design?” Not really as we don’t just design a logo, we prefer to do a full branding solution for your business as this will give it longevity, so pay more up front and get this part right first time, or look to do yet another re-brand 2 years down the line maybe!


Take a look at some of the projects we have worked on over the years:https://anxagency.com/marketing-graphic-design-advertising/


We are happy to review our clients logos. Most of the time it could be just a small tweak that’s needed rather than a full re-design. It really depends on how in-depth you’d like to go with our in-house Chartered Marketer Jon, and Eddie the Creative Director.


We know that size doesn’t matter one little bit, a logo isn’t just a pretty picture, your logo is your business. It’s what you want to be remembered for, its an extension of you. You started this business, it is still your baby so to speak. Why not get help from people that specialise in branding?


You are probably the best at what you do, and have had to learn multiple skills along the way over the years. I would never walk into a company and tell them how to do what they specialise in, yet all too often designers are questioned and art directected by others that have no experience in this field. Do what you do well, that’s why your business is as sucessful as it is, and outsource wherever you need to.


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post. Should you have any questions or require help with your logo design we will be happy to chat with you: https://anxagency.com/contact-us/


Size doesn’t matter! Or does it?

No matter the size of your business, a strong logo is important. Chris Gilson looks at how they help to shape your public identity. https://exchange.cim.co.uk/blog/logos-size-doesn-t-matter/



Originally from Essex, Karen moved to Northamptonshire when she was two and a half, where she grew up with a passion for gymnastics, representing her county at regional level until the age of 18. She has worked within the media industry for over ten years, selling radio campaigns and magazine advertising for prolific companies such as Rugby FM, Spire FM, and Archant Publishing, respectively.