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Web Design

We specialise in creating bespoke, tailor-made websites which best represent your business and are technically sound using the most reliable web build tools.

Many of our clients need simple content-managed websites built using one of the popular platforms such as WordPress, Wix or Squarespace. The popularity of these platforms and ease of development allows us to focus on how the site looks, how your clients will infect with it and what informative and sticky content we can both produce to ensure that when they visit your site, they’ll stay there and take your preferred call to action. The back ends of these site are easy for you to use to update your own content over time and we can provide basic training if you need it.

For bigger e-commerce websites or those that need protected client or supplier login areas, we partner with a local web development agency. This allows us to focus on the visuals and copy and lets the coders focus on their core skills. These websites are often built using Joomla or Drupal or custom-coded WordPress and we’ll recommend a system that is best suited to your needs and budget.

Our web design Salisbury service takes care of your website design and development needs. We make sure your website is good to look at, functions the way it should, performs well and is designed to drive, stimulate, retain and convert visitors to your site.

We can also cover any ongoing hosting, site maintenance, backups and updates too.

Main Benefits

  • Specialists in web design.
  • Website development, hosting and servicing.
  • World class copywriters published on TV, comics, and video games.
Web design Salisbury

What You’ll Get

UX Design

Using a lean approach to user experience design, we concentrate on the core principles of discovering the needs of your customers, understanding your primary business objectives and extrapolating that information to create optimal user experiences.


A good user interface should help communicate the uniqueness of your brand.

In addition to making your website intuitive and easy to use, at An.X we’ll help you create a solution that is high-quality, functional and focused on user interaction.


We partners with a web development company to write the code for the underlying framework to our sites. They also provide an ongoing hosting and management package for clients that require it.

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