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Salisbury's Leading Marketing Agency

We are the only marketing agency in Salisbury with an in-house Chartered Marketer. Why is that important? It means you can rest assured that we develop thorough marketing plans that answer the key questions: Where are we now? Where do we want to go? How do we get there?

Most new businesses don’t make it past the first three years. Those that do often are characterised by having thought carefully about how they will market their business. They produce a marketing plan themselves or call in a marketing agency like us to help them develop it. Just as crucially, they regularly benchmark their performance against it, updating and changing where necessary.

It’s critical to remember that a marketing plan is more than just about advertising. That’s only a small part of marketing overall. You need to know a lot more about the situation you’re in first You need to know your audience, your competition. You need to set objectives and think about how you’ll achieve them too. That’s all before you even think about how and when to advertise.

Marketing plans should be built using a framework. We use one called SOSTAC. That’s a simple acronym for Situation Analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Actions & Controls. It’s recommended by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and can be applied at a high level, much like a business plan, or as a more tactically as the structure for individual promotions and campaigns.

Main Benefits

  • Full competitor and audience analysis.
  • Measurable objectives to demonstrate ROI.
  • Calendar of actions tied to responsibilities and budget.
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What You’ll Get


We start with an analysis of where you are now, who your competitors are, the target audience and what your objectives are. We can help develop all of these if this is the first time you’ve carried out a full strategic marketing implementation.


Our in house Chartered Marketer will utilize the research to create a well thought out marketing plan, whether short or longer term. A plan that contains clearly defined audience segments, target markets, objectives and positioning.


Finally, we move on to the marketing mix and implementing the plan in advertising and promotions campaigns, with solid measurable targets that can be communicated across your organization to get the whole company behind your strategy.