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Graphic Design Agency An.X Ltd. are experts in logo design, branding and marketing. We have been supplying high quality design for more than 20 years. We’ve applied our designs to websites, business stationery, signage, car wraps, exhibitions, packaging and advertising. So you can rest assured that the logo design we create or other designs we supply to you will promote your business in the best possible way whatever media you advertise in.

Ensuring that your brand’s story is consistently told across the full marketing mix is vital. We’ll make sure that your audience is seeing the same story, whatever the format.

We’re especially experienced in creating brochures and manuals having worked on a variety of general product catalogues and video game manuals over the decades.

Main Benefits

  • Over 20 years of graphic design experience.
  • Multiple client industry sectors served.
  • Extensive print production handling.
packaging design

What You’ll Get


Every brand design project starts with a research phase.
This includes a discussion to define the key elements that underpin your strategy – target audience, competition and unique selling points. There may be an even more in depth research project to determine these elements if you haven’t already defined them.


We now move on to creating initial logo concepts.
The initial concepts will be delivered in black and white as a good design has to be able to survive without colour. Once a concept has been selected we work on a brand colour palette and fonts, if needed. Consulting with you, the client, along the way.


The final stage is to deliver your brand manual.
The brand manual shows how the visual identity can work in different media, and the rules for implementing it. We can then apply the work to stationery, signage, packaging, promotional materials or websites if you brief us to do so.

Case Studies