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Branding - Medical Technology

Medisieve came to us during the start up phase of their business developing a groundbreaking drug-free malaria treatment. Invented by Dr George Frodsham as part of his PhD research at UCL, it involves a magnetic sieve that removes malaria infected blood cells directly from the patient.

Branding, Stationery, Presentation Tools
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This design brief involved the development of a short form brand strategy, logo design, business card, PowerPoint template and business stationery, which would help Medisieve continue to attract backing to further develop the technology.

We carried out a rapid on boarding with the client in London, spending a day getting up to speed with the business, the technology, the various audience segments and potential alternative treatments.

This enabled us to create a striking visual identity that encapsulated the process and the business’ position in the marketplace. Once we’d locked down the logo, colour themes and fonts we moved on to applying the style to the various presentation tools that Medisieve needed.

A range of materials were designed, many of which were converted into Microsoft Office suite formats in order for George and his team to use them on a day to day basis at low cost.

When developing new visual identities like this, it’s critical to consider their usage in various media. Clarity at small scale is critical, especially for social media.


We used An.X to rebrand MediSieve, including producing a new logo, graphics, marketing materials and stationery for the company. We were really pleased with both the process and outputs. Jon and his team were a pleasure to work with, both responsive and imaginative. The ‘post-sales customer service’ has also been excellent as they’ve helped us to ensure that we make the most out of their work. Highly recommended!

Dr. George Frodsham

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