Brand creation for a new launch

Bar Wiff Waff


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[Above] Elements contained in the initial research phase formed part of a private Pinterest board.
[Below] Stage 1 proposals for the combination logo.






[Above] Further refinement of the selected designs with several colour options.
[Below] Final phase logo marks.






[Above] Wall vinyls to reinforce a sense of fun and energy in the venue.








9th June 2015

The Brief

The client had an already established and successful coffee house in the Welsh coastal resort of Aberystwyth and saw an opportunity to capitalise on the town’s high student population and seasonal influx of tourists, by introducing an ‘active’ bar venue that not only focussed on the lively game of ping pong but also on delivering great food and cocktails in a friendly and fun environment. We were tasked with developing an identity that supported their 1930s Grammar school theme.



We began by creating mood boards of Grammar school and themed bar research, utilising Pinterest as a collaborative tool. We focussed on the various styles and approaches, as well as their colour palettes and crests. We made sure to invite the client to actively participate in this phase so that there was always a clear and creative understanding between all stakeholders in the brand’s development.


The Result

The launch of Wiff Waff has been very well received. The final designs were rolled out across internal and external signage, wall vinyls, promotional materials, such a A-Boards, and menus formatted in the style of school reports. We also developed a custom ‘crest’ that was embroidered into staff uniforms, further reinforcing the Grammar school theme. Finally, a brand guide was delivered.


What we delivered

Brand Identity
Menu Design
Brand consultancy