Creating a video series to promote Wiltshire

Visit Wiltshire

Design | Video

An.x Portfolio

6th January 2015



To create a series of three videos to support a promotional campaign for the county. The three mini campaigns that the videos linked in to were – Time for Wiltshire, Press Pause and Made of England.




We created appropriate storyboards, co-ordinated schedules with Visit Wiltshire and the multiple partner locations for the shoot, then monitored the weather forecasts! Fortunately we had clear skies on all the shoot days, working at over 30 locations across the county over a period of a month Shoots included a trip in a hot air balloon and being mobbed, sweetly, by Lemurs at Longleat. During the editing phase, we worked with a local musician who composed a suite of tracks for the trailers. We phased delivery of the final cuts in time with the client’s roll out of their campaigns.




The videos achieved over 1 million impressions and 50,000 views by end November 2015, distributed through Facebook, YouTube and Pre-roll.