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It is particularly important with all the dance music logos that they work with and without accompanying text and are very legible at even smaller display sizes, as they are frequently used on social media and various music retail sites.













25th January 2015


Press & Play Management are an artist and label management and promotion company working in the dance music space. They work with many of the top names in the underground scene, such as dubspeeka, Ramon Tapia, G.Pal, Christian Cambas, Sasha Carassi, Nicole Moudaber, and Uto Karem as well as the labels, Say What? Recordings, Freshin, Skeleton, MOOD, Phobiq and Swift Records.

We approached one of their clients to work on some house style design and our relationship grew from there.



We have created logos for events promotions, Maze, RAW and Evolution. The latter has expanded to become a label in its own right. The work encompasses visual identities, brand styles, event flyers both digital and print, as well as merchandise.