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metal gear solid pack design






metal gear solid pack design






metal gear solid pack design




metal gear solid pack design




metal gear solid pack design

5th February 2015


Metal Gear is one of the longest established video game brands and has been a runaway¬†success for its publisher, Konami. The original release was a huge commercial hit, shipping over 6 million units worldwide, becoming one of the most heavily rented games at the time and topping sales charts. It has continued to go from success to success, received multiple awards both for design and sales and is a mainstay of Konami’s product portfolio. The most recent financial reports show worldwide sales of over 49Million units for the series.



We’ve been involved with the marketing and design of this iconic series since its first release in 1998 on PlayStation One. Jon, our MD, was the marketing director responsible for launching Metal Gear Solid in the United States. And the agency were appointed brand guardians at the same time, back here in the UK. We were instrumental in the choice to utilise the beautiful inked artwork of Shinkawa-san as the primary visual direction. This was a decision which very much went against the trend for games packaging. As such, it enabled what was, at that time, a new IP stand out in a crowded retail market.


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