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From the research we then abstracted certain visual nuances and modified them. We then undertake a logo development phase, which means we create a collection of draft ideas to be put forward to the client.



Logo Design An.x Agency



A secondary draft phase occurs and a collection of more deeply developed concepts is put forward for approval.





7th January 2015

The Brief

Christian Smith of Tronic Records approached us to design a logo for a new artists management company he was launching, Integral Music Management. The ident had to be clean, minimal and a smooth fit within the music and entertainment industry in general.



We began with a research phase which looked at the overall music market, with special interest in management agencies. We built a visual reference board of ideas and themes using Pinterest as a collaborative tool. With the help of Christian we collected a fairly comprehensive body of reference material and then began to draft initial designs.


The Result

Towards the end of the project we honed our designs into semi completion and presented our final options to the client. The chosen design was one which we felt was very strong in terms of having a classic and enduring quality and for being simple, bold and memorable.


Additional thoughts

We really enjoy working with our clients on these types of projects and using Pinterest, we are able to share ideas quickly and easily. This initial research phase is crucial when developing an original identity and client collaboration is critical, particularly when there is an open brief as was the case here.


What we delivered

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