A start up success story

Cool Merchandise

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1st February 2015


Ed, our Creative Director, as a VP of Salisbury’s Chamber of Commerce, championed this project with the Chamber. They put together a proposal to Cross Keys Shopping Centre to make use of one of its empty units. The idea was to enable a smaller business, that had not yet tried operating from a fixed retail space, to take up a three month trial period in a unit. A competition was run via the Chamber and entrants had to pitch their business to a panel. The successful candidate was offered a retail space free for three months.


The winner, Cool Merchandise, needed a complete branding package so, naturally, we stepped in to deliver that. We designed the logo, the brand guidelines, applied it to various materials and consulted on in-store layout and design. Finally, we put together a simple website to help launch the business.


The trial was so successful that Cool is still in the retail unit and has, in fact, expanded their square footage. We continue to work with them to help grow the business.