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12th July 2014


When About Salisbury was conceived there was no live central portal for information about the different aspects of living and working in and visiting Salisbury. There were a few tourist destination sites but nothing that encompassed the whole spectrum of services, events and things to do in the area.


About Salisbury is a free listing site established to help promote businesses within the SP postcode area. It is a destination for tourists, residents and consumers alike; a one-stop resource for everything happening in and around Salisbury that represents all business sectors.




We designed and developed a bespoke front end to work with the CMS system from our partner in the project, Metadas Media.


Then we spent weeks walking around the city centre photographing and cataloguing every business we could find to create their free entries. The site does have a commercial function in that any business can pay to upgrade their listing to include more content about themselves as well as taking out paid for advertising on the site.




The idea!
Content creation and management