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How well does your company logo stand up?

How unique and distinctive is your company logo? There are a two simple tests you do yourself to see how it stands up to scrutiny.

  • One of the best tests you can do as a business is to strip your logo right back to the basics, be it to the graphic symbol or just the typeface itself, then take out all the colour. Would it still be recognisable? Will your current and potential customers know it’s still you? If not, it’s over reliant on the colour itself or the overall combination of elements. It’s inevitable that your logo will need to be printed in black and white or grayscale at some point. It needs to perform as well in that situation as well as it does in others.
  • Most logos are a combination of some kind of symbol and type or name. Simply prints yours and a few of your competitors out. Cut out the symbol from each one and swap them around. Now, do these new combinations look better or worse with another company’s symbol attached to them? If it looks worse then, great you’re probably on track to having a good solid logo. If the new combo adds nothing or improves things then, well, your logo is probably not up to scratch and could benefit from a proper review.

Journalist Chris Gibson wrote an excellent summary on the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Exchange website here:  logos-size-doesn-t-matter. I love this article, as I feel it really reflects on how most businesses these days look at logo design.

Moving past original creation, here at An.X we are asked pretty regularly “should I refresh the logo that I have had for the past X years?”. In most cases we would say YES! At the very least you need to take an objective look at how your logo stands up against any relevant competitors. It’s unlikely that they haven’t at least refreshed their design or created a brand new logo and visual identity in the years they’ve been in business. The world moves on, trends change and so do consumer tastes. We are happy to review our clients’ logos. Most of the time it could be just a small tweak that’s needed rather than a full re-design. Thankfully we have an in-house Chartered Marketer Jon, and Eddie the Creative Director who are more than willing to offer sensible and cost effective advice on what steps you could take.

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