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Who We  Are

An.X Ltd. started life as department.x over 22 years ago. We were originally a London-based agency with clients mostly in the entertainment sectors, such as video games, music and cinema. For the first 15 years we expanded and were pretty much a full service agency to our clients, delivering everything from brand strategy to exhibition design.

Early in 2012 we decided to refocus the business with an accompanying move to Salisbury. We had become very skilled at designing for print, TV and events but needed to round out our services with more digital skills. Our Salisbury move enabled us to also focus on working more with SMEs from every business sector. Apart from the wonderful variety this brings, it has enabled us to be part of our clients’ own growth journeys and to play a significant part in it.

Why work with us?

An.X Ltd. is a highly experienced graphic design agency with over 20 YEARS experience of delivering graphic design and marketing to over 110 CLIENTS. Our longest client has been with us all that time. Since moving to Salisbury over seven years ago, we have become a leading web design agency within the SME business community in Wiltshire and Hampshire.

We do not specialise in any specific sector. Instead our approach has been successful with clients in travel and tourism, video games, medicine, mental health, fitness, art and architecture, business consultancy, printing, venue hire and floristry. The principles that underpin our strategic approach to graphic design, web design and marketing can be applied across any industry sector and are endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

An.X Agency Management

Jon Sloan

Managing Director & Marketing

Eddie Deighton

Founder & Creative Director

Karen Deighton

Business Development

Our Guiding Principles

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    Perhaps you already have a strong marketing strategy or need one developed? Our marketing and brand strategist can work with you to to create or hone a suitable plan.

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    For you to get the best results, we will deliver the highest quality design and marketing work. That quality starts with a comprehensive briefing and close monitoring through the design journey.

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    Creativity with a clear objective is the core purpose of our services. Bringing your brand to life and helping it connect to your target audience.

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    We have worked with our longest client for over 20 years now. That’s a clear statement of the quality of work we produce and our aim to be a long term partner for all our clients.