new brochure design

About Project

Period: Jun 2018 – Sept 2018

Client: Timage EU

Subject: New brochure design. Print management.

No other design agencies would do for Timage, an Essex-based importer and retailer of high grade marine fixtures and fittings, when they needed a second new product brochure. This family owned business with a strong Italian heritage came back to An.X to create this stunning high quality catalogue.

Our Task Was

After our successful work on an earlier product catalogue for Timage, they came back for a new brochure design this time focussing on lighting and furniture. We needed to spec up and design a 72 page brochure and suggest and source a variety of paper samples that would match the high quality of the products contained in the brochure.

What We’ve Done

The initial stages involved sorting through the asset list and working on an estimated pagination based on the information profiles that would be needed with each product specification. Once this new brochure design had been flat planned we obtained a selection of paper samples and print quotes based on the sample selection and pagination. Then it was just the matter of proceeding with the new brochure design.

  • Photo Retouching
  • Brochure Flat Plan
  • Paper Sample Sourcing
  • New Brochure Design
  • Print Management


Having already supplied a great brochure for Timage last year it the initial stages of this project were simple to execute at speed. We already knew what different paper types would suit the client and the products they sell and we knew that the most likely print supplier would be Park Lane Press who’d printed the earlier job too. Plus, the brief from the client was straightforward and they knew what we could deliver.

The greatest difficulty was ensuring we had all the requisite photography assets from the various manufacturers that Timage source from. Not only that but making sure that they were all in technical formats that could be used in this new brochure design and would appear to be all shot by the same photographer. We hope you’ll agree that the end result has achieved this goal.

We were able to supply a short run of print in time for a crucial trade show with a longer print run following on thereafter.