Brand and logo design work

Often, the first thing a customer recalls about your business is your logo. That’s assuming you have a distinctive and memorable one. A great logo should reflect your overall brand identity, be consistent with your values and be able to work across the huge range of media its required to appear in.

We love to design a new brand or re design an already existing one. Our first step is to audit what you already have, how it’s used and to develop an understanding of your business’ values and objectives. Then we move on to create the logo, which will form the heart of your brand and around which all the other visual elements will work. Fonts, colour palettes and associated symbols follow and are all wrapped up in a brand identity manual. From there, we can help you apply the logo to a range of materials – business stationery of course but also premises, vehicles, uniforms and promotional materials. Whatever your branding needs are, we’re here to help.

We have a lot of brand and logo applications to review in our Portfolio.