About Project

Period: Jun – Dec 2015

Client: Chippenham BID

Subject: Outdoor Advertising and Video

We worked with the then recently formed Chippenham BID over a six month period on an outdoor advertising campaign along with some video marketing in order to help them promote the town and various initiatives that they and others carried out.

Our Task Was

Our initial brief was design and develop an outdoor advertising campaign to promote the installation of a town centre free wi-fi system – the campaign needed to be visible to visitors to the town centre but also needed a Google Adwords component targeted at residents in a tight geographic radius of the town centre. This proved so successful that we were then briefed to help promote the town’s Christmas Lights Festival through the production of a Christmas video.

What We’ve Done

After drafting the ideas for the outdoor advertising campaign to promote the free wi-fi installation and launch, we created the artwork to support it, bought appropriate Google Adwords and Google Display Ads to hit the target audiences and secured a partner to help deliver the some of the more creative outdoors ads we’d devised.

The Christmas videos proved to be a special challenge as we filmed in the Autumn when most businesses hadn’t dressed their premises for the Christmas season. We had to carefully plan the shot list (mood, decoration, etc.) of the interiors with each business owner. The winter atmosphere for the external shots was achieved in post-production.

  • Google Adwords Campaign
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Street Signage
  • Video Production
  • Direction
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Editing


The wi-fi promotion campaign led by the outdoor ads was an immediate success and Chippenham BID achieved their download goals for the connected App in a very short time.

Absolutely delighted. That is fantastic – we are really impressed with those figures… it has definitely raised awareness… we’re really happy with the campaign.

– Amy Cameron, Chippenham BID

The first of two Christmas trailers went live very shortly after it was delivered to the client, generating an amazing 20,000 views on Vimeo in a matter of days. Local and County media also picked up on this and the second one’s success, comparing the campaign favourably to commercials such as John Lewis and Sainsbury’s.