About Project

Period: May 2008 – May 2014

Client: Konami Digital Entertainment Europe

Subject: Video games marketing agency specialists

Video games marketing agency An.X Ltd. are specialists in packaging design, brand consultancy and strategic marketing for the video games industry.

We have been working with Konami for over 20 years now. We’ve helped them launch Metal Gear Solid and been its brand guardians ever since the PS One day. We’ve also created packaging for every version of Pro Evolution Soccer, amongst a huge body of work for this top Japanese publisher.

So, when Konami decided to reboot Castlevania, we were the first agency they spoke. We consulted on the brand positioning and the advertising and packaging as well as elements of in game content.

Our Task Was

Castlevania is a long-standing IP for Konami. It  was first released in 1986 on Nintendo’s Famicom system. It’s seen a number of releases since then on just about every console platform.

In 2008, Konami asked video games marketing agency An.X Ltd. to consult on a new series. This was a reboot, developed by Mercury Steam in Spain. An.X spent the next six years supplying design, script and marketing consultancy services to the Konami’s European Development Studio. We even co-wrote the story and dialogue for the first reboot release.

What We’ve Done

The development team in Spain and the marketing team in the UK needed various forms of support. First up came the logo to help make the game announcement, plus various trailers during the pre and post launch phases. In addition there were promotional posters to design and the game packaging. We were also called on to come up with promotional goods, which we sourced from suppliers in the Far East.

Our work on the game’s story and script allowed us to write and direct voice over sessions with Sir Patrick Stewart, Robert Carlyle and Jason Isaacs. This was a huge privilege to say the least.

  • Various logo designs
  • Video game scriptwriting
  • Full European packaging designs
  • Print submissions management to Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft
  • Promotional trailers
  • Promotional goods
  • Special Edition designs and content sourcing
  • Websites


With everything from static and animated logo design, script writing, marketing strategy and positioning advice, video trailers, promotional posters and advertising, it’s fair to say we were heavily involved in all aspects of this series’ reboot and promotion.

Although Konami do not release specific sales numbers, the Lords of Shadow series of Castlevania games has become the best-selling version of the brand ever released.


Konami is our longest-standing client and we continue to work with them, most regularly on European packaging design and first party submissions handling.

We’re proud to have helped launch and promote every single Konami video game released over the last 22 years.