An.X & Aberystwyth University

8th April 2014


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An.X & Aberystwyth University

An.X & Aberystwyth University – Helping the students understand how a marketing consultancy operate.

Aberystwyth University Marketing students got the opportunity to contribute to the development of a new product range by working with leading agency An.X on how a marketing consultancy operate as we work with the likes of EA, Warner Bros and Universal in their client portfolio.

The group visited An.X at their Wiltshire base where they took part in a new product development process for an An.X client. This included primary market research using Pinterest ‘mood boards’, research analysis, and brand mapping. The experience also gave students the opportunity to find out about the differences between working for a marketing agency versus working ‘client-side’.



Jon Sloan, Managing Director of An.X said;


“Having a group of students in like that was a new experience for us but I think it was a successful day for them. It was a very busy day with a lot covered, I hope it gave them a good overview of the early stages of the new product positioning process. The group certainly came up with some great ideas and top level conclusions which I will explore further to help me to position the new product range for our client. We also related the project to the research and preparation they did for their own creative marketing module earlier in the academic year. An.X were part of the judging team, so it was beneficial to relate their creative work with what we do day in day out.”


One of participating students, Dan Phoenix, said;


“The overall day was brilliant, to physically see the processes that professional creative marketers use was invaluable. It gave us a massive in sight to what our careers may consist of. It certainly pushed my career choice in the direction of creative marketing. The theory we also learnt through our Marketing course proved to help us all participate and aid with research methods.”


Students from Aberystwyth Uni at the An.X office




From Yorkshire, Jon is the marketing specialist. He has an LLB (Hons) in Law from Essex University and a MCIM with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Jon has worked with many clients including Sweet & Maxwell, Sega, Vivendi Universal, Konami and Capcom to name a few.