Branding, advertising and design define us.

About Us

About An.x Agency


A brand is not a logo. It’s not an identity. It’s not a product or service. It’s all of those things… and, here’s the key part, it’s not what you think it is. It’s what your customers say it is. Their gut feeling is what counts.

How do you get that? By having a solid brand strategy. By being different, even when your product or service isn’t. Our design agency can help with all this and more: through brand audits, market research and mapping; as well as positioning and logo design.


If you already have your brand locked down, it’s time to advertise. We create smart, clear and relevant ads in all media channels. Working at local, national and international levels, on one-off campaigns as well as full annual plans.

We create the best strategy to deliver compelling creative that drives customers to your business. Our ideas are smart, our execution impeccable and our goal is to get your brands noticed and remembered by your target audience.


Ensuring that your brand’s story is consistently told across the full marketing mix is vital. We’ll make sure that your audience is seeing the same story, whatever the format. Websites, advertising, brochures, packaging, flyers and exhibitions are all core competencies here.

Where we excel is in information design. We’ve been creating complex video game manuals for over 20 years. This experience means that we’re experts in producing detailed print brochures.


Our oldest client has been with us for 20 years. We’re hoping that you’ll join them. Not just become a client, but be so happy that you’ll stay with us for the long term. Beyond the current campaign or project. The more we know about you, the better we perform. The better the results on your bottom line.

We want to be an annex to your business. Either helping your in house marketing team or providing those services if you don’t have them.


“We are the glue that binds the business together.” Well…… kind of. We are a very close knit group who share a great deal in common, Jon and Ed have been working together for around 20 years and have built a solid team of individuals with diverse skill sets and experience. We share a lot in common, except for our taste in music. Our team has expertise in marketing strategy, graphic design, brand development, logo design and website design. See our work here.


Our studio is a creative and free-thinking environment in which we are united by our shared love for all things creative. We’re sci-fi, music and art geeks. We’re the kind of people that pick apart and analyse ads and logos whenever we see them.

There is always plenty of laughter, music and impromptu video game battles in the studio. We believe that happy staff are productive staff, our environment and results prove that.