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Website Design for Pet Shop

Amesbury Pets is a recently opened pet shop in Amesbury near Salisbury. It’s a local retail business created by service leaver, Graham, who needed a logo and e-commerce website to support his new business.

Amesbury Pets
Website Design, Logo Design
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amesbury pets web design

This was a fun project to help our client with. Many new retail businesses don’t consider their logo design deeply enough which is natural given the quantity of work needed to launch a new retailer. The downside is they can end up with a poorly implemented design that perhaps works only on their storefront as signage but is lacking in all other areas it’s needed. Thankfully, Graham had the foresight to consider every aspect of this launch, including the logo design and e-commerce website.

The visual identity for Amesbury Pets needed to reflect Graham’s goal of providing friendly service supplying a full range of natural pet food  for a variety of different animals. So, a palette using natural tones was chosen with a hand drawn logo style accented by further hand written-style flourishes on the website.

Graham’s business launch was a resounding success and he’s already found himself a loyal customer base. We continue to work with him to audit and improve the site’s SEO to help him attract new customers. This brief was part of website design and build special offer, which is perfect for start ups, sole traders and small companies.

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