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Sega required a key visual for a new launch, Aliens Colonial Marines, which could be used for both the main packaging and also as the primary graphic for the campaign. In addition, they asked for an interesting and relevant special edition pack that would sit around a resin figure of a Colonial Marine battling an Alien.

Sega UK
Graphic Design, Packaging Design
aliens sega packaging design

This was a challenging project as it involved the creation of hero artwork for one of the most iconic entertainment brands in the World. It was an open brief with the understanding that there would be multiple levels of approval from various stakeholders, not least Fox themselves.

The initial phase of work centred around the creation of the hero ‘Alien’ image and associated marines before moving on to pack and then print and digital ad creation. The multiple stakeholders meant that approvals could take some time and various changes, often conflicting, were needed.

Sega’s brief requested that we then create a special pack around a resin statue that had been previously designed and gave us a target budget for the production of the remaining special pack contents. The concept we had for the outer wrap involved a swarm of Aliens trying to attack the lone Marine inside the box. Once that semi-transparent O-sleeve is removed the cardboard reveals the metal flooring and panels of a spaceship or colony base. The internal contents were themed around an information pack notionally issued to a recruit in the Colonial Marines, with despatch orders, a schematic of the main ship and unit patches that could be sewn onto clothing.

There were some very specific directions for this project given the history and specific look and feel that had been developed over the years. Clearly the key art needed to heavily feature the Alien itself as well as to convey a sense of tension between it and the main characters.

Tonally, cool blues and blacks were necessary to reflect the iciness of space and the sci-fi setting. We also needed to set up the design so that it could be used in both portrait and landscape form. We sketched up a selection of approaches before settling on one and commissioning a CG render. As you can see, the end result is very striking.

This iconic pack was actually one of the three concepts we proposed in the initial pitch. The license holders and developers requested a different direction for some months before determining that the initial idea was the most striking and relevant.

We also worked with Sega on a related Alien product, Alien: Isolation, supplying design direction and pack concepts which were given to the game design team.

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